Tech Specs

Banner Options:

  • JPEG is the preferred online banner format.  Animated gifs, flash & 3rd party tags are accepted
  • 300 x 250: Max file size is 200KB
  • 728 x 90: Max file size is 200KB
  • Geo-targeting: provide zip code(s) and mile radius
  • Age-targeting: 18-24, 25-34,35-44,45-54,55-64,65+
  • Gender Targeting: M / F

Wallpaper / Siteskin Options:

2000 x 1024 with a center cutout for these site widths:

  • FA, FFN, PMIL, TA, WHB, WDF:           1170px
  • JQP:                                                     1160px
  • USMC Life:                                          1080px
  • LEO:                                                     1020px
  • CGN:                                                    980px
  • FDC, WIB:                                            970px


Photoshop template available upon request.

Desktop only, 1 day minimum run, geo-targeting not available.


Optimal length: 15 seconds for pre-roll and 7 seconds for outstream

Format: flv* or mp4 files

Creative aspect ratio: 16:9 square pixel

Video codec: h.264

Video bitrate: 768kbit/s

Frame rate: min 25 frame/s

Video Frame Size: 640 x 360

Audio codec: AAC

Audio bitrate: 128kbit/s if stereo, 64kbit/s if mono

Audio Sample Rate: 44.1kHz or 48kHz


Preferred submission: custom HTML and subject line

Optional submission: Picture, power point, or word doc

Newsletter Sponsorship: Max size 540 x 400, jpg file format and custom link